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Why Do I Need To Provide A Proof Of Purchase To My Reverse Distributor?

4 years ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Donna Bliss

When your Reverse Distributor asks you for a proof of purchase, do you ever wonder why? The short answer is that it ensures proper compliance with manufacturers return policy of disallowing unqualified returns from receiving return credit.  A more detailed answer is as follows….

A proof of purchase (usually in the form of your vendor’s invoice) is used to qualify your return for credit eligibility based upon the source of your products, as well as the nature (and conditions, if any) of your purchase.

For example, manufacturers’ policies specify that qualified purchases must be made through normal distribution channels, either directly from the manufacturer or from authorized wholesalers/distributors of their products, in which case they may require an invoice to document the source of your purchase.

In addition, short-dated and overstocked or slow-moving products that may be available for purchase on secondary markets at a discounted price are also specifically excluded from credi

t eligibility under most manufacturers’ return policies. Such purchases would be readily identifiable based upon your invoice.

Similarly, bulk returns of a single NDC, suggesting a speculative purchase made in anticipation of a price increase, may also trigger a manufacturer to require proof of purchase.

The proof of purchase validation is designed to ensure proper compliance with manufacturers return policy, and keep unqualified or questionable returns out of the reverse distribution credit process.

Now the next time you’re asked for a proof of purchase, you’ll know why.

Many happy returns…

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