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Why didn’t I Get Credit for this Pharmaceutical Return?

4 years ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Donna Bliss

Frequently, customers ask us “why didn’t I get credit for this return?” There are many reasons a product return is considered not creditable by a manufacturer including: product was past expiration acceptance date, product was a partial or even product container was defaced and therefore not acceptable.

Another reason that isn’t as common but customers ask us all the time for an explanation is the situation where manufacturers disallow returns from third parties.

Third parties are any entity past the direct purchaser; GRx would be considered a third party or even fourth party because we didn’t purchase the product; you probably purchased it from a wholesaler or an authorized distributor. Purchases through a wholesaler or authorized distributor mean you are not the direct purchaser and therefore make you a third party also. The graphical representation below illustrates this point.

*Manufacturer that doesn’t accept third party returns could potentially accept returns from wholesalers for credit consideration.

As with all pharmaceutical returns, manufacturer policy dictates what is returnable for credit and what is not; policies are at the manufacturer’s discretion.

Contact GRx with any questions you may have in regard to returns policies.

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