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What GRx Inventory Can Do For Your Inventory Needs

1 year ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Amanda Alfredson

Properly counting your inventory can be a long, tedious job that your busy pharmacy staff doesn’t have time for. That is why Guaranteed Returns (GRx) created a business solution to cater to these needs; GRx Inventory. There are many benefits to using an outside inventory service such as minimal disruption to daily business operations, the elimination of overtime for your staff, obtaining unbiased counts by professional staff, and access to a complete reporting of inventory verified on-site.

While every inventory service can provide those four basic benefits, GRx Inventory offers much more. Below is a list of seven benefits of using GRx Inventory for your inventory needs:

  1. GRx Inventory created the term “Pay by Credits”. Use your expired inventory credits to pay for your physical inventory. *some conditions apply.
  2. Reports in the same day
  3. Inventory price files are created with your current contracted wholesale pricing information.
  4. Utilizes leading edge proprietary software technology to provide the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.
  5. Provides custom location reports per unique sites at your facility, separating inpatient, outpatient, off site, etc.
  6. Choose from 2 counting methods: per pill and tenths.
  7. Our teams are specialized and experienced – we only do pharmaceuticals!
  8. Auditors are background checked, drug tested, HIPAA certified and are easily identified by company uniform and GRx photo ID badge.

After reviewing all that GRx Inventory has to offer pharmacies with our stellar inventory program and over 35 years of industry experience, we are more than qualified to help you with your inventory needs. Please reach out to see how we can better your inventory counting process to ensure efficiency, financial performance, and on-hand reduction. Click here for more information on our inventory services.

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