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All Lives Matter

You can’t turn on the news anymore without hearing something about the opioid crisis, deadly fentanyl, or even the green new deal. We live in a country that is not only concerned with eradicating rampant drug abuse but also preserving the world we live in for the next generation. And with the abundance of hospitals, medical clinics, doctors’ offices, and pharmacy’s in every town and city, the need for a way to properly and responsibly dispose of expired or unused pharmaceuticals and controlled substances has never been greater.

Leading Drug Disposal System

Enter Rx Destroyer’s pharmaceutical disposal line of products. Products designed to not only be convenient and safe for the environment but to also be affordable.

The developers and manufacturers of Rx Destroyer, C2R Global Manufacturing, saw a need in the healthcare industry and even in the country as a whole, for a way to safely and effectively dispose of pharmaceutical waste that would not only keep these substances out of the wrong hands, but would also ensure they didn’t make their way into our water supply.  

To address these dilemmas they developed the Rx Destroyer line of products. Meeting EPA and DEA standards, their 100% natural patented all-purpose and liquid formulas render substances inert within minutes. Not unlike the human stomach, the fast-acting formula chemically digests the substances, neutralizing them on contact.

Drug Disposal Easy As 123…

The process couldn’t be easier. Simply load the medication into the bottle, recap and shake, it’s that easy! And with several different sizes and mounting options, as well as their mail back disposal program, Rx Destroyer seems to have thought of everything.

Saving Water, Saving Lives…One Prescription at a Time

Guaranteed Returns is proud to offer the Rx Destroyer line of products that not only promise a safer, faster and affordable way to dispose of expired and unused pharmaceuticals and controlled substances but is an eco-friendly nonhazardous formula that is safe for the environment.

Call GRx to place an order and use your Returns Credits for payment.


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