True Crime Meets the Opioid Crisis – Netflix Series: The Pharmacist

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Centering on the true story of Louisiana pharmacist Daniel Schneider, the new limited Netflix series, The Pharmacist is a true crime documentary about a father investigating his son’s tragic death. This riveting four-part docuseries has already grabbed the attention of Netflix viewers across the globe.

Set in Louisiana in 1999, the series is seen through the eyes of Danny Schneider’s father, Daniel.  The basic premise is the exploration of Danny’s murder. His investigation resulted in the discovery of just how deadly the opioid epidemic was ravaging the New Orleans region.

At the age of 22 years old, Daniel’s firstborn child, Danny, was tragically killed. Under the impression that he’d been studying with his friends, Daniel and his wife Annie were shocked to learn that in the early hours of the morning Danny had been fatally shot in the head.

His parents had noticed Danny had been struggling with his studies and his sister Kristi had sensed he was trying to find his way in the world. Neither of them knew of Danny’s secret drug use and blossoming opioid addiction.

Danny was found dead in his pick-up truck holding crumpled bank notes in his hand. The police surmised that Danny had been trying to buy drugs in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. The police seemed uninterested in Danny’s case forcing his father to try and uncover the events surrounding his son’s death. This resulted in an eye-opening unearthing of the US opioid calamity.

Trailer for The Pharmacist:

The Opioid Revelation

As a pharmacist since 1975, Daniel began to take notice that healthy young people were arriving at his pharmacy with OxyContin prescriptions. When he looked into their eyes, it was clear that they weren’t in pain but likely sufferers of substance abuse.

In hindsight Daniel recalled the signs he’d missed that indicated his son had been troubled. Too late to change his own son’s outcome, Daniel knew he could prevent other parents from experiencing this gut-wrenching grief.

Alarmingly high dosages were being prescribed by a doctor in the vicinity and Daniel realized the gravity of this problem before it was covered by the media. The four episodes of the documentary detail the unfolding of events in Daniel’s quest for the truth and ultimately how opioids were being illegally prescribed & used in New Orleans.

Worth a Watch?

Daniel Schneider, The Pharmacist examines the historical opioid emergency with surprising twists & turns using real video footage, audio clips and interviews. Exposing corruption in the corporate, law enforcement and medical fields, it’s both inspiring and astonishing to see how a pharmacist managed to solve a crime while also exposing an opioid epidemic.

We think The Pharmacist will appeal to pharmacists because it highlights the importance of their profession and the unforgettable power a pharmacist can have on the lives of those around them.

It’s an impactful story with a global message addressing the reality that many Americans have left this world too soon due to substance abuse. It’s a call to action to pharmacists worldwide to continue helping those in need. 

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