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Reverse Distributor Guaranteed Returns (GRx) Announces New Partnership With Teamcares

1 year ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Meagan Zirpoli

Guaranteed Returns (GRx) has entered into a partnership with TeamCares as their sole source provider for pharmaceutical returns.

TeamCares is a specialty pharmacy management service that has experience in owning and operating pharmacies for over a decade. Their expertise lies in pharmacy management, pharmacy licensing/credentialing (commercial payer contracts, Medicaid, Medicare) and assisting pharmacies in a physician’s office, hospital, or clinical setting. Partnering with TeamCares is a natural fit for both companies.

Adding GRx as their returns service provider expands the TeamCares suite of management solutions offered.  

The Partnership

TeamCares’ patient-centric philosophy, coordinates the efforts of providers, payers and manufacturers to keep treatment comfortable, efficient and successful. Their mission is to help pharmacies become more operationally efficient, ensuring that their bottom line is healthier to gain financial stability in a more competitive world. The world class onsite service offered by GRx and the detailed and dynamic data analytics provided, is the basis for their decision to partner exclusively with GRx. 

GRx continually develops innovative programs and partnerships to optimize return value for their customers while providing the data, visibility, and accountability to ensure they are the most transparent company in the industry. GRx is excited to work with partners like TeamCares who share their vision of redefining the pharmaceutical industry.

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