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Paul Nick, CEO, Interviewed in Newsday

2 years ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Donna Bliss

February 7, 2020 –Newsday, the local Long Island newspaper with the 11th-highest circulation in the United States, and the highest among suburban newspapers, recently published a featured story written by reporter Victor Ocasio about Governor Cuomo’s push to legalize marijuana and how it would impact the companies on Long Island and their Human Resources Drug Testing policies.

Ocasio interviewed several prominent leaders of Long Island companies who may have to rethink their drug testing policies if New York were to legalize recreational marijuana.

From an HR perspective it does in fact create challenges. Ocasio reported, “Long Island companies are taking a variety of approaches. Some say they will consider dropping marijuana from drug screenings. Others don’t screen for any drugs, saying competition for workers is fierce and what employees do on their own time isn’t important if it doesn’t impact their job performance. And still others say the nature of their business means they will continue screening for marijuana unless it is legalized at the federal level.”

GRx CEO, Paul Nick, explained that regular drug testing is a needed safeguard in our company’s line of work. Since Guaranteed Returns (GRx) is a reverse pharmaceutical distributor, managing the return of expired drugs and since employees count, sort and ship these pharmaceuticals, it is essential that GRx employees are screened prior to hiring and continue to receive random drug tests quarterly.

He did concede that if marijuana is legalized in NY, the company, which is licensed by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) may have to modify its existing policy, but at this time no changes are expected. We remain committed to a drug free workplace.


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