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Mistakes Happen, But There Are Preventative Measures

1 year ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Amanda Alfredson

Everyone makes mistakes, unfortunately when a pharmacist makes a mistake it can have a higher toll than others. As pharmacists, you have the health and safety of your patients in your hands, just as much as their doctors do. There are 5 common mistakes made by pharmacists:

  1. Prescribing the wrong medication
  2. Giving the wrong dosage
  3. Failing to see dangerous complications, especially when combined with other drugs
  4. The lack of information given to patients of the dangerous side effects of drugs
  5. Promoting defective or unsafe medications

While these may seem like these are easy to prevent, they occur more often than you’d think. Below are some of the reasons why these mistakes are made, and the preventative measures one can take.

  1. Overworking the staff due to lack thereof
    The increase of workload is one of the main causes of error for pharmacists. The increase of stress correlates with the increase of mistakes. An average day for pharmacist consists of about a 12-hour shift and 300-450 prescriptions filled in that time period. The stress to fill as many prescriptions as possible each shift needs to be split between multiple staff members to minimize the potential mistakes made.

  2. Proper training for new staff
    Despite the many years of schooling that pharmacists are required to go through, training on the job is still extremely important. Without the proper training, there is a higher chance of overlooking many of the common mistake listed above. 

  3. Oversight in supervision of pharmacy techs
    Pharmacy techs have a very important job being in charge of measuring medications, labeling bottles, and dispensing to customers. With important tasks like these, there is much room for error. Pharmacists are in charge of double checking the work of techs as a way to catch any human errors that may occur. This ties in the first preventative measure and the amount of work that one can handle.

  4. Inadequate communication with patients and their doctors
    When it comes to doctors, whether it be interactions with other drugs, known allergies, or something as simple as double checking the doctor’s handwriting, communication with doctors is key. This common neglection can create numerous mistakes leading to potentially bad outcomes. On the other hand, with patients, it is important to communicate some of the same things with them. Knowing their history is important when suggesting alternatives or even when filling their prescriptions in case of an error on the doctor’s part.

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