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Meet Our Business Development Team

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Get To Know These Business Development Managers

The Guaranteed Returns (GRx) team continues to expand as we add new hospital pharmacies to our client base. As a growth organization, we define ourselves by the brilliant people who work for us. As we expand the business, there are tremendous opportunities for employees to move up in the organization. Part of our growth has allowed us to create a new Business Development Manager role at GRx.

Renee, Cathy and Steve C. are our new power trio. They are a tight knit team who appreciate working together as a team. “We stick together like family and we are always ready to reach out and help one another. We work together to get the job done.” said Renee.

Truly showcasing how much of a team player Renee is, she is known to help the customer service department during high call volume situations, in order to prevent hold times for customers. “On a day-to-day basis there is a sense that we are working towards a grand, achievable vision and I proudly see us making strides towards it every day and making it a reality.” Renee is not only a Rockstar at work she is also the Captain of the Holbrook Fire Department Medic Company.

“I love working at GRX because we are all on one team with one goal in mind. We care about our customers and we care about our co-workers.  We work hard, but at the same time we enjoy each other.” said Cathy. Cathy who has one of the biggest hearts of the company – she not only cares about her peers but truly cares about our customers too.

The foundation of such a great company culture comes from the top. Paul Nick, President and CEO of GRx, forward thinking and actions are elements of GRx that are truly rare and remarkable. Steve says how much he appreciates the CEO for his dedication to GRx and the fact that he truly cares about all the employees.

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