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Kindness Has Gone Viral

7 months ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Donna Bliss

As we grapple with the coronavirus, we are learning about everyday people who are donning their superhero capes and stepping up to provide support during this difficult time.

People are carrying out acts of kindness in the middle of the pandemic, making get well soon posters for people in quarantine and repurposing food from cancelled events to feed first responders.

The outpouring of support to those in need is inspiring.

Friends are livestreaming story time; neighbors are organizing donations and grocery deliveries and teachers are scrambling to convert class materials into virtual teaching aids. Groups are hand sewing masks for healthcare workers and checking on the elderly. Truck drivers are working around the clock to get groceries to the stores. And the use of the popular Next Door app has exploded allowing users to volunteer and take on extra chores and other helpful activities for those around them.

It’s our healthcare workers who are the true heroes especially those working on the front lines right now – They deserve to be reminded that we recognize the hardships they are facing, how difficult it’s been and how much each of us appreciates it.

So just when you are feeling that things are bleak, remember how strong this country truly is. America has proven time and again that its people and businesses are resilient and can come out of any crisis better than they were before.

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