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Jason Alessandro Joins GRx Customer Success Team

4 weeks ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Donna Bliss

We are very happy to have welcomed Jason Alessandro to the GRx Customer Success Group last month. Jason is the kind of person you are lucky to have on your team.

Jason, a Long Island native, comes to us with a diverse career background.  Most recently, Jason and his partners, started a small business in the military and aerospace industry brokering hardware and obsolete electronic components.  Jason has since moved on from that endeavor but says it was one of the biggest accomplishments and learning experiences of his life.

Jason is a perfect fit for our customer success team since his greatest professional strength is speaking with customers; both professionally and personally.  He says he is shy by nature but able to overcome that part of his personality and make an impact with his clients.

“One of the most rewarding aspects about being in sales is the ability to truly connect with my customers,” says Jason. “I’ve had customers from years ago, that I still check in with and see how they are doing.”

We have a strong group of professionals in our Customer Success Department and many have been here for 10+ years. Jason fit right in bringing his own strengths to the team. He is sharp, smart and retains information quickly. His personability, likeability and customer experience will be invaluable in taking the GRx customer success team to the next level of success.

We asked Jason some fun facts about himself and learned he is a huge fan of Elton John, mostly because of John’s ability to overcome adversity and addiction. Jason can karaoke a mean “Ice, Ice Baby.” And most importantly we asked Jason what motivates him to work so hard. His response – simply stated, is the “the pursuit of happiness.”

Jason supports the following RAEs: Andre, Jimmy, Ed, Barb, & Teri. We are happy Jason has joined us and look forward to watching him grow in his new position.

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