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How to Avoid These Six Words – “You Missed the Expired Returns Window.”

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We understand that pharmaceutical returns can be an afterthought after a long day of filling prescriptions and taking care of patients. We’re here to let you know that with just a little bit of planning, you can make sure that your expired products are received in time at your reverse distributor for processing; enabling you to avoid those dreaded words:  “You missed the expired returns window”.

Read the three tips below to help prevent your facility from losing out on potential credit due to late pharmaceutical return submissions.

1.  Send expired products AS SOON AS they expire or a little before, if possible. This allows time for the reverse distributor to process your product. Processing times vary by manufacturer’s requirements. For example, there are many manufacturers who require that we request a return authorization from them before we can return any expired product for credits. This process usually takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks and sometimes more, depending on the manufacturer.

Or in the case of CII products, we need to receive the DEA 222 request form prior to shipping the expired product to the manufacturer; on average DEA forms take less than a week to receive, but again, depending on the manufacturer, can take as long as 4-8 weeks or more.

2.  Manufacturer policies differ with respect to eligibility windows. While most manufacturers accept expired product 12 months past the expiration date, there are some that only accept it 3 or 6 months past the expiration date. If you find yourself returning a very expensive expired product, call our Customer Service department at 1.800.473.2138 to find out what the manufacturer’s current policy is regarding eligibility; this will assist you in knowing when to return the item.

3.  Make returning expired returns a regular routine in your pharmacy by setting a returns schedule. If you are an on-site customer, pre-set your appointments at intervals that make sense for your pharmacy. GRx representatives can pre-set appointments for an entire year while they are on-site with you. If you are a mail-in customer, put a reminder in your cell phone’s calendar to send in your returns on a regular basis.

Timely returns means mean more potential credits back to your pharmacy and believe us when we tell you that there’s nothing worse than when we have to tell a customer that they missed the manufacturer’s eligibility period and that the costly drug they returned to us is not eligible for credit consideration*.

We know that you don’t want to lose out on credits and we definitely want you to avoid hearing the six words: “You missed the expired returns window” so be sure to follow these three tips for ensuring that you send your expired products back to your reverse distributor with enough time to be received, processed and sent to manufacturer for credit consideration*.

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*A manufacturer’s return goods policy may contain other terms, conditions and requirements besides the credit eligibility window and obtaining a return authorization, so even a pre-authorized and timely submitted return may be subject to credit denial by the manufacturer if they determine that other policy terms are not met by the returned product.

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