Helpful Hints Every Pharmacy Tech Should Know

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The responsibilities of a pharmacy technician have grown rapidly, especially in the last few years. Their role has changed from being the pharmacist’s helper to playing an integral part of the pharmacy’s success.  Not only are they taking a more active role in ensuring quality patient care but they are now becoming more involved with inventory management.  This blog is the first of a two part series.

The following are 6 tips, particularly aimed at Pharmacy Technicians, to help better the pharmacy’s performance.

  1. An understanding of each product’s turnover frequency can help ensure that there are no Out of Stocks or excessive inventory. This will improve profits and reduce costs.
  2. The license for a doctor is correct if you add the odd #; add even # & x2. Add the two sums and the last digit of the sum will be the same as the last number of the DEA number.
  3. There are 11 numbers in an NDC. The first set is 5 numbers and identifies the manufacturer; the second set is 4 numbers and identifies the product; the third is 2 numbers & is the package size.
  4. The order cycle time is the time between when an order is placed and the product is received.
  5. Generally 7-10 days is an appropriate time frame for a community pharmacy to hold an unclaimed prescription before returning it to stock. This is a positive inventory event that increases the value of shelf inventory but has a negative impact on profitability.
  6. To reduce a pharmacy’s financial exposure in a brand to generic transition, it’s a best practice to manage the brand name product inventory down at least 30-60 days prior to the introduction of the generic product.

While some of these tips may be familiar, others might be new.  This list was created to help pharmacy technicians as their role evolves.  We are consistently staying on top of helpful information and welcome any suggestions.  Click the link below to visit our website and give us your helpful tips.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Helpful Tips for Pharmacy Technicians.

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