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GRx Inventory – Welcome from the other side!

1 year ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Meagan Zirpoli

Good morning! First, let me say, this is long overdue. I want to give shout outs to my crew on the GRx inventory side. As many of you might know there is another division of Guaranteed Returns – GRx Inventory which provides physical inventory services for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.  

What you may not know is the inventory side of GRx is made up of a staff of 14 including eight counters, three supervisors, one office manager and a sales manager in addition to me.

The inventory business is seasonal; so much so that we typically do 67% of our business in only four months of the year. June is one of our busiest months with mid-year and end-of-year inventories making up most of our work. With COVID-19 lurking, we weren’t sure we’d be able to go into the hospitals or find the air travel needed to get to the locations.

I am happy to report that despite all the challenges, GRx Inventory completed 77 inventories in 15 states, counted over $61 million dollars of inventory in just over 30 days and this was despite taking a hit due to COVID. 

We accomplish the lightning fast pace because of the hard work and dedication our staff has shown over the years. The following should be recognized for the years of service.

Rounding out the team is our sales star, Bruce Shappe, who keeps the calendar filled along with Karen Carbone, who makes sure we get where we need to be when we need to be there.

Kudos to my work-family! Our team rocks and I appreciate each one of them!

Marion Beattie
Director of Operations

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