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Get To Know Sam Farha, Top GRx Pharmaceutical Returns Service Representative

2 years ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Donna Bliss

Each year Guaranteed Returns selects three recipients for the Top Service Representative Award. Recipients are chosen based on their ability to provide excellent service and quality of work. This is the second of our three part blog series introducing our Top Service Representatives.

Sam Farha joined Guaranteed Returns in February 2007 and provides Onsite Service in Oklahoma, Northwest Texas and Soutwest Missouri. GRx is privileged to have Sam on our team and we wrote this blog article to give you the opportunity to learn more about Sam and what makes him a Top Service Representative at Guaranteed Returns.

1.  Tell us a little bit about your background and why you think it helped you become one of GRx’s top Service Reps.

My mother was a top sales and service executive for CR Gibson when I was growing up. I had the opportunity to watch and learn firsthand from her experiences; she instilled upon me a strong work ethic and always gave me good advice about how to be an honest and genuine person who cares about others. She taught me that hard work, cultivating relationships and persistence are essential components of success. Having my mom as my mentor, inspired me to enter the sales and service industry and has greatly helped me become the Service Representative I am today.

2.  If you could offer one piece of advice for the other service reps in the field, what would it be?

My one piece of advice would be to treat every customer as if they were your one and only.  No matter if the pharmacy is big or small, each and every customer should be treated the same as the last.  I believe strongly in the importance of customer relationships.  It’s far easier to understand the needs and wants of your customers after you’ve created a strong foundation of trust and loyalty.

3.  How would you describe your service strategy?

If I had to describe my service strategy in one word it would be efficient. I do my best to make the return process stress-free for everyone involved. Typically, pharmacies don’t have free space, if any at all.  Organization is often your most important asset when providing great service.  My goal is to make the job of pharmacists easier so they don’t have to worry about processing outdates.

4.  What traits do you think make up the most successful Service reps?

As a GRx Service Representative, you need to be consistent, knowledgeable and authentic. When you combine all three of these traits, I believe you are able to offer the best service. The most successful service representatives are those who have these traits but also deliver them to each customer 100% of the time.

5. What is your favorite part of being a GRx Service Rep?

My favorite part of being a GRx Service Representative is hands down the relationships I have created over the years and the ones that are to come. After years of servicing the same accounts, I ended up creating not only business relationships but personal ones as well.   A good portion of my customers ask and know about my family and vise-versa.  I enjoy, and look forward to seeing my customers every time I service their account as they make my job exciting and different every day.

6.  What motivates you?

As a service representative, I am motivated every day to do better than I did yesterday. The pharmaceutical return industry is forever evolving and regularly presents us with new challenges, such as FDA regulations, compliance guidelines and new technologies. It’s hard to not be motivated when you love what you do, the company you work for and the relationships you’ve created.  In addition, my family has always been a motivating factor for me.  Having the experience I did, watching my mother create a successful career in the sales and service industry, made me driven to do the same.

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