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Get to Know Ed leff, Top GRx Pharmaceutical Return Service Representative

4 years ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Donna Bliss

Each year Guaranteed Returns selects three recipients for the Top Service Representative Award. Recipients are chosen based on their ability to provide excellent service and quality of work.  This is the first of our three part blog series introducing our Top Service Representatives. Our first, Ed Leff joined Guaranteed Returns in August 2003 and provides Onsite Service in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and parts of West Virginia. GRx is privileged to have Ed on our team and we wrote this blog article to give you the opportunity to learn more about Ed and what makes him a Top Service Representative at Guaranteed Returns.

1. Tell us a little bit about your background and why you think it helped you become one of GRx’s top Service Reps

Coming from a family that worked hard, coupled with my education, shaped who I am today as a Service Representative. My family led by example and taught me from a young age that you always give 100% despite the circumstances and obstacles. Marketing courses at Penn State University taught me how to interact with different people and more importantly how to view things from their perspective. This strategy helps tremendously when working with new and existing customers.

2.  If you could offer one piece of advice for the other service reps in the field, what would it be?

The advice I would give to other Service Representatives is simple; get to know everyone in the pharmacy. Our customers need, want and deserve an honest relationship with their Service Reps. Genuine interest and personally engaging with pharmacy staff allows for a much better chance of creating a healthy business relationship. The more connections you have with pharmacy personnel the better. Always commit to providing your best service. Let them know we are more than just a reverse distributor; we are a central component to pharmacy inventory management.

3.  How would you describe your service strategy?

My service strategy is to simply do as much as I can for the customer. My goal is to be more than just their “outdate guy”. My customers like to tell me about the challenges they are having and how they solve them. I share these success stories across my account base in the hopes of helping them as well. Taking time to speak with the pharmacy employees, including the Director, is always a priority for me. Creating personal relationships is important and helps build trust and loyalty among customers. I not only take care of their expired medications but I act as an information and solution source.

4.  What traits do you think make up the most successful Service Reps?

As Pharmaceutical Return Representatives we work independently. Self-motivation and a sense of competitiveness are essential. However, when it comes to the service I provide, efficiency, communication and knowledgeability are the most successful traits.   Pharmaceutical Returns is a fast paced industry. Remaining knowledgeable and up to date on industry trends and news helps me provide the best service I can. Each pharmacy is a different experience but they all require great service. Communication and efficiency allows me to connect and deliver a level of service that is unparalleled.

5.  What is your favorite part of being a GRx Service Rep?

As a GRx Service Representative, I love traveling from one account to the next and meeting new people. Even though I work independently there is still a tremendous sense of teamwork because I am surrounded by a team that wants to help me achieve my goals as well as our shared common goal of providing the best on-site pharmaceutical returns service in the industry. At the end of the day, we are all working towards the same goals and we all want each other to succeed.

6.  What motivates you?

Competition motivates me the most. It’s a constant challenge to remain the best at what you do and competition provides the opportunity to keep improving my performance as a Pharmaceutical Return Service Rep. I crave that desirable feeling of accomplishing my service and sales goals, no matter how much effort and time it takes. Customer satisfaction is also a primary motivatior. It’s not only important to me personally but for Guaranteed Returns that our customers always have a positive experience working with us.

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