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COVID-19 Update From Guaranteed Returns (GRx)

2 years ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Donna Bliss

You can trust that Guaranteed Returns (GRx) will continue to handle your returns during these challenging times. Senior Management at Guaranteed Returns (GRx) is 100% engaged and taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety and best interest of our customers, employees and partners. Our response efforts are being adjusted daily, as the situation and government mandates evolve.

Rest assured, we completely understand the tremendous pressure being placed on pharmacies and will do everything possible to provide quality service with little to no interruption.

In addition to our early response of providing increased protective equipment (PPE) to our employees in the field, and transitioning credit recovery, accounting, marketing, customer success, and human resources to working remotely, we stand by ready to schedule your service and take your calls.

Please call 1-800-473-2138 for questions or assistance
Or email:

GRx’s Leadership is continuously working to adjust business operations in full support of our customers.

Thank you to our pharmacy customers and the healthcare community on the front lines. You are true heroes in the eyes of those you serve.

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