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Celebrating Our Pharmacist Penny

7 months ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Meagan Zirpoli

American Pharmacist Month is a time to recognize pharmacists’ contributions to health care and share the positive impact of their work on the front lines in our communities. In honor of American Pharmacist month, we are celebrating our very own GRx Regional Service Director Penny Bobcik RPh. Penny is a pharmacist with 30 + years’ experience in the pharmacy industry. Here is a little Q&A to learn about such a valuable member of the GRx team.

Question: Why did you choose a career as a pharmacist?

Answer: I have been a pharmacist for over 30 years. I literally grew up in the world of pharmacy. My dad was a pharmacist for more than 50 years. His younger brother was a pharmacist that long as well. One of my older brothers attended pharmacy college before me. When it came time to choose a career, mine was pre-ordained.

My parents owned and operated the local pharmacy in the town where we grew up. I started my “career” in the pharmacy world by dusting shelves at the age of seven for a quarter every Saturday morning. I continued working at the store as I grew up, delivering prescriptions after school and on weekends, and then began waiting on customers and ringing them out. I grew up with the pharmacy as an integral part of my background and grew to love the rapport my family had with the customers and the trust the community developed in me when it came to meeting their pharmaceutical needs.

Question: Why do you enjoy working for GRx?

Answer: From the time I was hired at Guaranteed Returns, I have loved the open lines of communication throughout the company. The company not only provides great training and great benefits, but also allows their representatives to create and maintain their own schedules, providing flexibility in the day-to-day routine. I am fortunate to have wonderful coworkers who are professional, hard-working, and willing to help out when needed. And most importantly, I am still helping customers just as I have done my entire life!

Question: What is your best professional habit? What about your worst?

Answer: My best professional habit is developing customer relationships in a way that engenders trust in me and the information I am sharing. Customers felt comfortable sharing their otherwise private healthcare issues, knowing I would keep that information confidential and use it only to provide them the best assistance possible. Careful listening and paying close attention, allowed patients to understand I was providing them the best care available. I use these same skills working for Guaranteed Returns, where I can sort through the information and highlight the services our company provides that can save customers time and money in connection with their returns.

Although it is not necessarily a negative, my worst habit as a pharmacist was taking things personally when it was clear a customer did not understand what they were going through or made it clear they did not intend to comply with doctor’s orders. It was obvious their condition would not improve if they continued down their chosen path, and that left me feeling hopeless. Similarly, I sometimes visit Guaranteed Returns customers and can show them in detail how the services we provide can help them save time and money. If they decide not to use our service, I have a tendency to take that personally.

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