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Can you Decipher these Prescriptions?

4 years ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Donna Bliss

As a pharmacist, you wear many hats; drug expert, patient advisor & educator, pharmacy owner, inventory specialist, listener, and community advocate to name a few. But there’s another hat that pharmacists wear every day and that is translator; the ability to read the handwriting on the prescription so you can prepare and dispense requested medicines.

We thought we’d have some fun in this blog post and test your deciphering skills. We’ve attached a link to an article that asks if you can read these Rxs.

Have fun checking it out and then let us know how many you got right.

When you are wearing your pharmaceutical returns hat, be sure to review your non-returnables report to learn more about which products are not getting credit and why.

I Want a Review of My Non-Returnables

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