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Beneficial Collaborations for Pharmacists

1 year ago  •  Add Comment  •  by Amanda Alfredson

Pharmacists have become much more engaged in disease management programs, resulting in an increase on public health. While pharmacists-led protocols have made a significant impact, a new, but so far successful, concept is rising — collaboration with health coaches. A Health Coach is someone who uses evidence-based clinical interventions such as motivational interviewing to facilitate behavior change, using concepts such as the transtheoretical model of change, goal-setting, and active listening. It has also been shown to improve client outcome and lower health care costs.

Adding health coaching to a client’s health care can make a huge difference. This is because lifestyle behaviors are the primary reason for many chronic health problems and are the primary cause of death and disability in the United States. Some clients need ongoing communication, education, and support to achieve the desired results of their drug therapy. Health coaching helps empower clients to take ownership of their health and well-being with a sense of personal accountability.

There have been many studies on health coaches and their collaboration with pharmacists. One study that was conducted on this collaboration consisted of in-depth medication and disease state education by the pharmacist, whereas the health coach provided nutritional and lifestyle modification education through motivational interviewing. This was conducted by a rural free clinic over the course of a year. Studies have demonstrated coaching’s impact in the successful treatment and even reversal of chronic conditions. Other studies of patients with prediabetes have shown nearly half of participants returned to normal blood glucose readings following a 14-week personalized coaching intervention.

Another collaboration for pharmacist to consider, is one with Guaranteed Returns (GRx). While it doesn’t seem like it, we can be linked to improving your clients’ health as well. By using GRx for your pharmaceutical returns and/or inventory needs, you can increase the amount of time that you have for your in-depth medication and disease state education with your clients. GRx can take care of all your returns, and even use those credit to pay for your inventory management. Let us handle this critical task utilizing data analytics to help reduce your non-returnable pharmaceuticals with a solution that works, so that you can focus on running your pharmacy.

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