10 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Pharmacy

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The needs of pharmacy customers change throughout the year. The change in seasons especially can alter the demand for certain products.  Despite its reduced sales period, seasonal products are usually relevant in annual turnover. Categorizing and taking advantage of seasonal products not only allows pharmacy owners to increase profitability in a short amount of time but provides customers with a tailored shopping experience.

Here are ten marketing ideas your pharmacy can use this season:

1. Adapting an exhibition space

One key marketing strategy is adapting an exhibition space and placing seasonal products in prominent or strategic areas of the pharmacy. The holidays are an easy way to create a one stop shopping experience for customers where they can optimize their time by picking up prescriptions and holiday shopping at the same time!

2. Offer free gifts

People never get tired of receiving free gifts especially when it comes from a place where they frequently spend money.  You can customize merchandise such as coffee cups, t-shirts and reusable shopping totes and give them out to everyone who comes into your shop.

3. Offer discounts and coupons

Offer discounts on some products that are usually patronized during the holiday season. The holidays can be a financially tough time for some. Any help you can provide during the season will likely be remembered and guarantee repeated business. Giving out discount coupons after sales is also a strategic marketing strategy for increasing sales during the holidays.

4. Offer free services

Offering value-added services such as dietary advice and blood pressure monitoring can help establish relationships with customers. There is always a value in offering free advice to your customers and even more so during the holiday season.

5. Use Social Media

Make sure to market and display your social media handles for customers to easily see and work towards building a strong social media presence in your community.  Encourage likes and shares of your posts by creating your own holiday hashtag. Hosting free giveaways on your social media platforms is also an easy way to increase engagement. 

6. Give back to the community

Giving back to your community will endear the name of your business to the hearts of your customers. Hosting a holiday toy drive or acting as a food donation location can provide customers with an opportunity to get involved with their community as well. What better way to show appreciation than solving a pressing need of your immediate community?

7. Host an event

One of the easiest ways to stand out and draw attention over the holidays is to plan and host a holiday event to share with your customers. Music, refreshments and snacks are all easy and inexpensive ways to increase foot traffic.  Holiday events can also be a good time to raise money for charity or a local cause.

8. Decorate your store

Decorate, decorate, decorate! There is no such thing as too many holiday lights and decorates. It will give your pharmacy a cozy feel and will also get your customers in the holiday spirit.

9. Holiday Cards

This is a very old tradition that is still effective. Personalizing holiday cards with the name of your pharmacy and maybe a photo of your staff is a thoughtful act that will resonate well with customers.  Sometimes it’s the old traditions that work best.

10. Give away 2020 calendars or planners

Everyone uses them in some fashion and what a great way to keep your pharmacy’s name visible for an entire year.

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